Welcome to Running in the Sun! Running in the Sun is a metaphor for life as much as it is my own personal salvation from my own demons, a breakthrough that largely came about when I started running. One aspect of the human experience is trying to keep moving forward, trying to stay in the sun (proverbially and literally), and trying to figure out what the best version of ourselves is-and how to get there. Running in the Sun is about never stopping moving forward, even if it’s the tiniest baby steps. Running in the Sun is about choosing to stay in the sun, choosing positivity and gratitude over negativity. After all, it takes the same energy to be positive as it does to be negative. Running in the Sun is choosing the former. Running in the Sun is a judgment free zone, a safe space to share ideas and dreams. It celebrates focusing on gratitude and fortitude.

I am a trained Holistic Health and Wellness Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and hold a Master’s degree in Psychology. I am currently working on my doctorate in International Psychology and love what I study. While my education has contributed to my worldview, my passion for health, and my belief in the importance of working together as humans, it is my own experiences, my own successes and challenges, that have really influenced and shaped my philosophy of what it means to live a mindful, grateful, fulfilled life.

I believe in striving to find balance, whatever a balanced life means to you.

I believe humans are inherently good, that we all just want to find what drives us, what makes us feel fulfilled, and what makes us feel loved and appreciated.

I believe we all have extraordinary stories to share. Stories of pain, of fear, of joy, of hope. When we come together to share these stories we realize we are not alone.

I believe in understanding and acknowledging the context surrounding a behavior or a situation. This is where the “judgment free zone” comes in.

I believe in the possibility of doing what was once deemed impossible.

I believe daily gratitude can make any situation feel more tolerable.

I believe healthy living is not black and white, nor does it mean the same thing from one person to the next, or even to the same person throughout different phases of that same person’s life.

I believe we create our own luck.

I believe we, as humans, can all learn and grow together and are stronger together than apart.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you stay awhile!